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Shenzhen Ever-sunrise Garment Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise established by Hong Kong Huiyao International Trading Co., Ltd. it has completed an investment of 5 million US dollars in Shenzhen and Nantong clothing production bases. mainly engaged in international, domestic first-and second-tier mainstream brands of all kinds of women's fashion processing and export business. Since its establishment, the company has relied on the long-term, stable and good investment environment of China's economy, adhered to the scientific management concept, and absorbed the advanced garment manufacturing experience of Japan, Italy, the United States and Hong Kong. with the advantages of textile raw materials and traditional national handicrafts in Chaoshan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, through continuous innovation, accumulation and improvement, it has laid a solid foundation in the hardware and software intelligence of clothing production. Formed a group of professional foreign trade clothing business tracking team and with many years of clothing experience of the technical team, is a "stable quality, excellent reputation" entity manufacturing enterprises.
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