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In 1991,  Ever-Sunrise Shenzhen Garment Factory was founded by Hongkong Bright Eternal  International Trade Company, a wholly-foreign owned enterprise. Up to now, the  company has invested five million USD in two apparel production factories in  Shenzhen and Nan Tong respectively.  As  an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for over 20 years, our company is  dedicated to manufacture and export quality womenswear of famous brands.  The products from our factories are extremely  well received by the markets in the USA,  Europe, and Japan.

Ever since its  establishment, by the sustainable yet high level economic growth in China, and  the favorable investment climate, the company integrated overseas sophisticated  management experiences, the rich textile resources from Jiangsu and Zhejiang  areas, and a team of diligent personnel having expertise to develop to be a  company with a solid foundation in apparel production, not only in skills but  also in equipments.  With more than two  decades’ ongoing improvements in quality control management, our professional  staffs, having years’ experiences in international transactions and  manufacturing, along with innovative technical personnel, are able to provide  services competently and faithfully.

At present, the  company has two factories in Shenzhen and Nan Tong. We proudly have 30,000  square meters production area, 800 sets of sewing machines, and 50 sets of  computerized sewing machines imported from overseas. Every month, we are able  to produce over 200,000 pieces. In addition, our company cares about our staffs  by providing them with more than 8000 square meters of employee apartments.  Both factories are well equipped with central air-conditioning to provide good  working environment. We also have CAD production system running machines and  Juki automatic machines for pocket opening and sleeve set in, and generator  sets.

All in all, our  company has gained the trust of our clients by providing quality products and  services as well as the competitive market prices over the years. We sincerely  appreciate our client’s continuous trust and we always aim higher to achieve  better in the future.

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